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CTO as a Service

No long-term contracts that lock you in. Pay for the time you use the service be it hourly or a monthly retainer.

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Making sure the planned product is feasible with the budget by breaking down the complexity into achievable goals and developing a comprehensive product map.
Establishing quality standards for software architecture, coding, documentation and quality assurance processes.
Providing expert suggestions and making sure the product is made using the best and most suitable technology available for the benefit of the client with a value addition to the client’s core IP.
Team Management
Helping you determine whether to outsource development by hiring dedicated staff or build an in-house team.
Making sure the best people are hired and positioned aptly and identifying their strengths and weaknesses in order get the most out of team.
Process Management

Making sure the product, marketing and engineering departments work in harmony to increase efficiency, sales and revenue

Cost & Budget
Making sure the technology vertical of the company is highly optimized and streamlined to utilize the budget in the most cost-effective manner.