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About Us

Wireapps was founded with a passion for building innovative and clever technology solutions

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We're WireApps

Starting out as 3 passionate developers 5 years ago, Wiresapps has come a long way to become an international firm with an all-star team of software developers, engineers and business professionals operating from London and Colombo. It is that journey through thick and thin that molded us into the software powerhouse that we are today.

We provide you with access to finest software developers and deliver topnotch solutions. Over the years we have assisted many businesses and startups across numerous industries, with unlocking their true potential.

We carefully listen to, and welcome views that are different from our own. We are honest and transparent with each other and our clients. We learn from, and give back to our clients, stakeholders and the community around us.

Our Communication Methodology

1Client raises the problem / Client confrms the solution 2Project Lead recognizes the requirement 3The problem is allocated to the Development Team 4Development team provides insights and develops solutions 5Project lead communicates the solutions to the Client

The Team

We are a squad of software developers, engineers and business analysts of whom the collective passion is to find simpler solutions for intricate problems. Our teams operate from the UK and Sri Lanka.

Share your challenge with us, and we’ll work with you to deliver a groundbreaking digital product.

There is nothing we cannot achieve with our expertise and experience, coupled with your vision.